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Connecting Hearts Network is a carefully chosen group of mentors who have joined together to provide resources and inspiration for you. Our purpose is to help you achieve total fitness in all areas of your life. By that we don’t just mean diet and exercise, although that is a part of it. We will cover key areas in our lives that we need to strengthen as much as possible. These include solidifying your financial and vocational stability, sparking your creativity and spiritual life and assisting you as you grow in your ability to control your emotional, psychological and physical health. All of us will mentor from a Biblical perspective.

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4 days ago

This week we talk with Lisa Gardener from Torn Pages. Torn Pages is a ministry founded by Lisa's husband , Jay. The beads in each product are made from torn pages and varnished to make them durable. The bracelets and other products are made by villagers employed in Uganda and some prisoners. This provides needed income for those families. But it makes a wonderful product you can use to share the goodness of God and how He redeems all those torn pages in our lives to make a beautiful story. Jay and Linda spread the Torn Pages story on social media, through their website and through special speaking engagements. Check in today to get your own bracelet and to learn how to share a message of Hope, Peace and Strength. 

Wednesday May 31, 2023

This episode features Paulette Rigo, Divorce Coach and Mediator. She is the author of 'The Better Divorce Blueprint" and creator of the Better Divorce Academy. Margie and Paulette discuss how divorce affects the family and workplace for all involved. Paulette is the director for Divorce Right which trains HR teams to help employees through their situation which creates a better workplace for all.  

Tuesday May 23, 2023

Louis and Kendra Adan are the owners of the homestead Lazy Ass Acres. They are working to become self sufficient in many areas which has led them to extensive gardening and animal care. They tell us what lead to these decisions, share their own research and some methods so that you can put into practice all or some of what you may hear in this episode. 

Tuesday May 23, 2023

Join us as we talk with Tiffanie Teel, Founder of the WE/Me Community. The focus of the group is community over competition. Tiffanie leads others to work together as women entrepreneurs valuing one another's strengths and talents over competing with one another, As a faith based community WE/Me offers small groups, workshops, retreats and an online group. Reach out today for more information at 

Tuesday Apr 25, 2023

Tana Lee of the Atlanta Newnan Holistic Chamber of Commerce joins us to talk about Community Wellness Day at Ashley Park. We also discuss holistic medicine, essential oils and creating community around you. Community is so important. We were created as relational beings and need to have relationships with others. This happens as we find our tribe, people with similar interests, in different areas of our lives. 

Thursday Apr 20, 2023

Debbie Gronner is the founder of Women at the Well. This is a non profit in Peachtree City GA that is focused on reaching women through sharing stories of faith. They meet once a month as a large group and have other breakout meetings for different groups throughout each month. 
Debbie shares her story with us of how God brought her to this point in her ministry.

Thursday Mar 30, 2023

Dr Tracey Huffman is a functional medicine and chiropractic doctor. She is the owner of Probio Wellness and  Chiropractic.  She became interested in functional medicine when she learned that traditional medical models only treat patients within a certain range of health, one that keeps you off the precipice of death. Functional medicine models focus on a range of health above, where patients want to live, have energy, function as we’re designed and truly enjoy life. She is one of only 700 trained to use Softwave TRT in the US

Monday Jan 30, 2023

in this episode we talk with Kelly Wingo who is in recovery from drug addiction and has worked to put he life back together. We are joined by her daughter Abba Parrot and we get to hear both sides of the story. A great story or recovery, redemption and reunion. God puts families back together and we love sharing their stories. 

Monday Jan 09, 2023

We were in Texas during the holidays and I had the chance to talk with our nieces. I cannot pass up the opportunity to share their good hearts and the wisdom in college prep from these girls. Berlyn is a gifted senior preparing for college. She has made a plan and is executing it to the smallest detail to get herself into the right college with as little debt and maximum potential as possible. If you are heading toward scholarship and college apps join us as Berlyn shares the importance of planning ahead, flexibility, gpas, test scores, participation in community service and career choices from her experiences as a senior in the 2022-2023 school year. 

Monday Jan 09, 2023

So you got a ring over the holidays? Join us with Heather Duke who is the Sales and Marketing Director for Pine Mountain Club Chalets in Pine Mountain GA.  She is a gifted wedding cooridinator and gives you step by step info toward planning your dream wedding. From wedding sites to trade shows to venues and the cake listen in as Heather tells you the best of the best locally and what to look for if you are not local. 


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One to one conversations with our guests to highlight their story, business and causes. We hope you gain information you can use and some inspiration to start a few projects of your own. 


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